Everything from one source for our customers

This is our strength: We offer complete solutions, from the concept, through the prototype, to readiness for the market. For technical injection moulded parts and assemblies, injection moulded medical devices and implants, through to sterile packed end products. This is how we combine all competences in our company.


Technical components

Samaplast has for many years successfully developed products and solutions in the areas of technology, medical devices and implants. Especially in the fields of surveying technology, the food industry, soil decontamination or in machine construction, our know-how and our competences lead to customised solutions.


Medical devices

Our medical devices are sought after in the dental industry, but also in many other areas. They are implemented, for example, for external fixations or instruments for a multitude of functions.



Besides technical products and medical devices, Samaplast also manufactures highly diverse implants, for example spinal vertebrae prostheses as disc replacements, elements for knee and hip implants or port catheters and many more.

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