A component is made

Do you have your own ideas for your component? We are your partner because we leave nothing to chance and develop a tailor-made and market-driven product from your ideas and wishes.

From the idea to its implementation

Do you have new ideas for ground-breaking products? The engineering department at Samaplast implements such plans: Together with our partners, we develop your products quickly, flexibly and with the highest quality standards. Our development department uses appropriate plastics to develop your drafts.

Technology, where technology is needed

In order to meet all requirements, both the latest know-how and adequate technology are indispensable. Our staff – continuously trained and up to date with regard to the latest developments – delivers the knowledge; the exceptionally well equipped work stations and laboratories are their tools. This is how Samaplast has been successfully making history since 1960.


  • NX 11
  • ZW-3D 2017

Interfaces with customers and suppliers

  • IGES
  • STEP
  • STL
  • DXF

Analysing and optimising

Implementation is good, optimisation is important. There is nothing which we can’t do better. Using our Moldflow filling simulation program and external FEM analyses, we can analyse the components of your product and optimise the manufacturing process.

Moldflow calculates in advance

  • Filling problems
  • Optimum position of the sprue
  • Weld lines
  • Air pockets
  • Warpage etc.


  • Optimisation in the construction of the tool
  • Analyses with Moldflow Plastic Adviser
  • Also available as a service for third parties

Prototypes – testing made easy

Idea, development and optimisation are empirically followed by market analysis and functional tests. To enable you to quickly test your products on the market, we manufacture prototypes and small series internally. How? With the aid of our Stratasys 3D printer or the Arburg Freeformer, you will have your prototype in no time at all. On request we can also realise this from hardened steel tools within 10 days. Whatever the issue, you can discuss it with us. We develop solutions for you.

Small series in original colour and surface

  • Stereolithography and freeforming (after 3D printing)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • 3D printing
  • Vacuum moulding

Small series with original materials

  • Rapid Tooling
Tool making

Long life through precision

What if the implant was painful? What if the tool wore out after only a short time? Only through the perfect interaction between man and machine is it possible to maintain the highest standards and constant quality in injection moulds and tool making for years to come. That’s why our staff uses its know-how and our precision machines so that nothing bad happens. Without fail. After all, technical assemblies, medical products and implants don’t accept sloppiness – for your safety and to your advantage.

Tool making

  • Development of direct interfaces – construction department – tool-making
  • Direct conversion of CAD files into CAM files
  • Electrode manufacture on HSC milling machines
  • Our countersink and wire erosion facilities enable the independent processing of complex shapes and contours

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