November 2022

Compamed from 14-17/11/2022

Convince yourself on site of the efficiency of our Freeformer and follow live on site how we produce a AM-part.

April 2022

Raise potential for implants

High-performance material for medical injection molding and 3D printing The Swiss plastics specialist Samaplast and the chemical company Evonik have a common cause: the two companies are pooling their expertise in the development of Vestakeep Fusion, an osteoconductive PEEK biomaterial.

November 2021

Patient-specific products - low germs to packaging

By using a computer tomograph, the products remain sterile until they are packaged.

März 2021

SAMAPLAST - implants made from original material

Additively manufactured patient-specific implants from original material. That sounds incredible, but it's now a reality. SAMAPLAST AG is doing pioneering work here.

October 2020

Risk minimization from the beginning

SAMAPLAST AG has been manufacturing high quality plastic products for over 60 years. The portfolio includes plastic injection molded parts and implants, but also prototypes. Everything from a single source, from the idea to the finished assembly or even the sterile packaged medical device.

June 2020

Additive Manufacturing - Implants for Humans and Animal

Article "Additive Manufacturing - Implants for Humans and Animals" in the MEDPLAST 2020 edition on pages 32.

July 2020

Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship

Congratulations! We congratulate Urs Werner (plastics technologist EFZ), Art Beciri (polymer mechanic EFZ) and Rhino Geisser (plastics processor EBA) for passing the final apprenticeship exam!

December 2020

Certification according DIN SPEC 17071

SAMAPLAST AG was certified in accordance with DIN SPEC 17071 in November 2020, so can implement customer projects from idea to printed prototype or medical product/implant under controlled and certified conditions. The Samaplast team concentrates on the medical technology/implant market, and specialises in high-end plastics such as PLA, PEEK, TPU and PCU. Samaplast has reached AM level, and fulfils the TÜV SÜD inspection criteria for third parties.

April 2020

The peek implant is made tie-bar-less machine in the clean room

The design and functional principle of cable ties is also interesting for medical technology: The Swiss Company Samaplast AG produces cable tie-like connecting elements in cleanrooms on tie-bar-less injection molding machines from Engel. These lock the sternum after open heart surgery.

March 2020

Absorbable Implant Stabilises Spine

Spine Welding received FDA approval for its screw system for spinal stabilisation. The system includes a bioabsorbable component made by Samaplast.

November 2019

Ready for the Medical Future

SAMAPLAST conducted complementary experiments with resorbable materials such as resomer L210S, LR 704, LR 706 S, LG 855 S, C209 and X206S. It has been shown that the process also has only minor IV reductions compared to traditional injection moulding.

April 2019

Additive manufactured implants - lot size 1 are the target

3D printing | When can additively manufactured implants be added to, or in some cases even replace, the parts produced by injection molding? The Swiss plastics specialist Samaplast AG has worked on its new technology and successfully completed further long-term tests.

Nov 2018

Lecture by Michael Wildemann in Barcelona

At the trade fair in(3D)ustry in Barcelona, Samaplast AG presented their concept for a presentation on how it meets the market demand for prototypes and small series for medical parts and implants. Special attention in the presentation was on the Arburg Freeformer, with which it is possible to produce generatively manufactured components with standard material from batch size 1 upwards.

March 2018

Prototyping and risk minimization

Prototypes are more and more a necessity in the production of high-precision plastic injection moulded parts for technical products, medical products and implants. This is why we at Samaplast have pushed this development forward together with our customers and partners.

February 2018

Successful test on a permanent implant

Samaplast uses the advantages and synergies of additive manufacturing to minimize the risk during design definition and to shorten the "time-to-market" in the manufacture of medical devices. The aim is to reduce lead times and project costs.